8 good habits of self-management

8 good habits of self-management

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exercise one hour a day

now the living conditions are getting better, but some people's physical fitness is not as good as before.

either fat into a ball or thin into a hemp pole; climbing a building makes you panting, and as soon as you cool down, you get a headache and catch a cold.

in the final analysis, lack of exercise makes body parts more and more fragile.

keep in good health regardless of age, illness only depends on the body.

exercise for 1 hour every day is the best care for your body.

exercise does not have to go to the gym, as long as you have the heart, you can stretch your muscles and bones anytime and anywhere.

use cycling instead of taking a taxi and climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator to give yourself a chance to sweat.

stay at home less on weekends and go out more for mountain climbing, walking, swimming, and intimate contact with nature.

stick to it for a while, and your body will take on a new look.



procrastination is a common problem for many people. It is understandable to do things slowly, but if you always procrastinate, there will be big problems sooner or later.

instead of racing against the clock before deadline every time, it's better to do everything 5 minutes in advance and turn passivity into initiative.

if you go to work 5 minutes ahead of time, you won't be in a hurry to be late;

if you enter the conference room 5 minutes ahead of time for a meeting, you won't face the embarrassment of not having a seat.

if you leave 5 minutes earlier for an appointment, you won't keep the other party waiting and affect your mood.

everything is done in advance, and if not, it is wasted.

doing things 5 minutes in advance may seem trivial, but it allows you to take more time and take more initiative.


go to bed before 12:00 every night

Young people nowadays stay up the last night while putting on the most expensive mask.

I used to stay up late because of my work.

to the end, I always couldn't get out of bed the next day, my skin was bleak, my hair fell out a lot, and my body became more and more weak, which did more harm than good.

then I thought of a way:

set an alarm clock for myself to fall asleep. No matter what happens, I must go to bed at 12:00. If you still have something to do, get up early the next morning and do it again.

after doing this for a while, my mental state is much better than before.

sometimes when you get up at 6: 00 in the morning, you can not only finish the unfinished work efficiently, but also make a simple breakfast and go to work in a leisurely manner.

the most efficient way to live is to spend the evening rest and the morning time to do things, go to bed on time, and improve efficiency.


makes many people lose the desire to cook.

three meals a day, which seems convenient and fast, is actually a degradation of the quality of life.

A lot of takeout is of mixed quality, and the taste of heavy oil is generally heavy and spicy, which is harmful to health for a long time.

there is a news report: a post-90s girl, who paused for heavy-flavored takeout such as Spicy Hot Pot and Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil, was finally diagnosed with "hyperlipidemic pancreatitis" and her plasma turned lard.

if there are conditions, it is recommended that you try to cook by yourself, which is not only economical, but also nutritious and healthy, and you can master one more life skill.

A good life needs a little fireworks.

cook a bowl of noodles for yourself after work, and invite friends to have dinner at home during the break, which is both enjoyable and relaxing. Why not?


call your family at least once a week

there is an old song called "go home often". If you can't go home often, at least call your family every week and let them know you are safe.

now there are many people who are far away from their parents and work in a foreign land, and don't see each other a few times throughout the year.

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you may not know that when you are living a healthy life outside, your parents in your hometown are worried about you.

Don't ignore your parents' emotional needs under the pretext that you are busy at work and have nothing to say.

it is also a rare family joy to spend some time every week chatting with your parents, complaining about work and sharing information.

emotional management is an important part of self-management. Even the feelings between family members need to be maintained by heart.

when you learn to take the initiative to care about your family, it shows that you are really mature.


have a hobby other than work

many people often complain about their lives, in addition to work, or work.

Life with only one color is naturally boring, so it's important to have a hobby outside of work.

if you are a boring programmer, you might as well dabble in novels or movies;

if you are a clerk sitting all day, you might as well learn a sport;

if you have plenty of time, you can also learn a musical instrument.

I have a friend who is a technician but likes writing. She persisted in writing articles in her spare time and gradually became a contract author for many platforms.

she said with emotion that writing can not only change the brain, but also earn extra money, but also add to the joy of life, which is really a good thing to "kill three birds with one stone."

work makes life fuller, and hobbies make life more colorful.

one more hobby can not only double happiness, but also make life more possible.


travel at least once a year

as the old saying goesRead thousands of books and travel thousands of miles.

No matter how busy you are at work, you should take time to go out every year.

ask a few friends to play together, or you can relax by yourself.

Foreign cities are good, and so are the scenic spots in neighboring provinces.

you can either climb the mountain or see the sea.

you can feel the serenity of the countryside or enjoy the prosperity of the city.

the world is so big that you should go and see it. There are spring flowers blooming in the distance, and the stars and the sea.

if you stay in the same place and repeat the same life, it's easy to solidify your mind into thinking that the world is only so big and forgetting that there are infinite possibilities for the future.

every trip is a zero to the past.

every time I come back, it is a brand-new start.


spend lost time reading

A young man once wrote a long letter to the famous scholar Yang Jiang, in which he wrote a lot of life confusion.

Yang Jiang replied: "your problem is that you read too little and think too much."

Life always has its ups and downs, and everyone has his own pain and confusion.

if you just immerse yourself in complaining and entanglement, you will only waste a lot of time, but the problem will not be solved.

if you don't know what to do, go to school.

Reading is the lowest cost value-added way and the best antidote to confusion.

when life is boring, reading can give you warmth; when you can't find the direction of life, reading can give you strength.

if you read too many books, your temperament and speech will naturally change; if you read too many books, people's horizons and patterns will be different.

Reading may not necessarily solve all your problems, but it will certainly improve your thinking and temperament, make you live more thoroughly, enrich your soul, be stronger, and become a better self.

Mrs. Thatcher has a famous saying:

Life is an ashram, and to live is to practice.

when you learn these eight good habits of self-management, your life will suddenly be enlightened and greatly improved.