A smile is the cure for everything.

A smile is the cure for everything.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

conclusion: vietra-dear

Fernando Pessoa once wrote a poem called "every day you don't like is not yours". There is a sentence in the poem:

every day you don't like is not yours.

you just spend it.

No matter what kind of life you live,

you don't have a life.

there is probably no perfect life in this world.

We walk around the world with great defects that we are born with. no one does not experience pain and suffering, and everyone will have difficulties in life.

for this reason, we continue to practice in the journey of life, not to cultivate a dream of success, but to cultivate the optimism and courage to stand up again in any adversity and face the perseverance of life.

read all the things in the world, you will suddenly understand that life is full of tastes, just smile.


A smile is an open-minded look at suffering

during World War II, a woman named Elizabeth received a telegram on the day she celebrated the Allied victory in North Africa.

her son died in battle.

she couldn't accept this fact, so she decided to give up her job and stay away from home.

when she was cleaning things, she suddenly found an early letter written by the child when his father died. It said:

"I know all this will survive. I will never forget what you taught me: no matter where you are, face life bravely."

I will always remember your smile, like a man, who can bear all smiles. "

Elizabeth burst into tears, read the letter over and over again, and finally gave up the idea of resigning.

Shi Tiesheng said:

"Life is such a process, a process that constantly transcends limitations, this is fate, and everyone is the same. In this process, we encounter pain, transcend limitations, and feel happy."

laughter is a realm of life, and it is this optimism that determines the height of our lives.

Zhang Jiajia once wrote a Weibo post that went something like this:

"if you encounter something particularly sad, close your eyes and think about the whole story. At the end of the story, you imagine yourself dead.

and then as soon as you open your eyes, ah, I'm still alive! It's just a dream! Then you will laugh with delight. "

there are all kinds of life, some are nervous and busy, some are leisurely, some are happy in bitterness.

throughout our lives, we all have moments of sadness that we cannot escape and painful memories that we cannot forget, but we cannot, after all, turn our limited lives into Lu Xun's Xianglin sister-in-law, turning pain into bagasse in our mouths, looking dull and chattering every day.

anyone can't avoid sadness, depression, inferiority, and loneliness, but obsessive obsession with it can only make the pain stronger.

Life is like a movie, which paragraph is close-up and which paragraph is mentioned at a time, all in your own hands.

Life won't make it easier for you to frown, so why not smile?

the world is never changed by crying, but your life is bound to be better with a smile.


smiling is the wisdom of gain and loss

I have read such a story:

in ancient times, an eminent monk traveled far away and was about to get on board at the ferry when she suddenly saw a woman racing from afar, looking at the people waiting to get on board. The woman immediately got down on her knees and burst into tears.

everyone was puzzled and looked at each other.

an old man whispered, "Don't cry first. Why are you panicking?"

while wiping away her tears, the woman choked up with sobs:

"the children in the family are seriously ill and in danger, but they lost all their belongings last night. I still hope that all the benefactors can help and save my son's life!"

the eminent monk looked around at the confused expressions of the people, walked slowly to the shore, gave a rosary to the woman, folded his hands and said,

"this thing can still be exchanged for some silver taels. It is important to save people. Go to see a doctor as soon as possible!"

the woman hesitated slightly with Buddha beads in her hand, then kowtowed heavily, got up and left.

the old ferry man waited for everyone to sit down, rowing oars while saying to the eminent monk:

"monk, you have been deceived. I have met that woman several times on this ferry, and she makes a living by it. "

the eminent monk looked up to the old man and asked, "Old man, no one in that woman's family is seriously ill?"

the old man shook his head. "I heard that the woman is not married yet, so why is the young son seriously ill?"

the eminent monk laughed: "Amitabha Buddha!" One less person is suffering from illness, which is the best news I have heard in days. "

three thousand things in life, an indifferent smile.

there is an old saying: "all flashy things in the world are like a dream, and it is a blessing to look down on gains and losses."

the master of life, always know how not to cling to the past, laugh it off and let it go.

at a classmate reunion, Yaya sat next to me and looked at her haggard smile. I said sadly:

"Yaya, I know it hasn't been easy for you these years."

Yaya lost her father when she was young, and her mother left, relying on her grandmother to take care of her brother and sister.

but Grandma was seriously ill before she graduated from Yaya University. Over the years, she has had a very difficult time.

Yaya looked at me and raised her glass with a flash of light in her smiling eyes: "We only talk about happiness, not the vicissitudes of life."

there is an incisive summary on the Internet: "whatever it is, please enjoy it quietly."Come on! This is life. "

We should accept life as much, bravely, boldly, and always smile.

A lot of truth is the epiphany after the ups and downs of life, whether you get or lose, you just need to look at the oncoming indifference and coolness, treasure and tolerance, a faint smile.


smiling is a kind attitude towards life

Zhou Guoping once wrote a fable.

A young woman was rescued when she threw herself into a river and asked, "Why do you commit suicide when you are young?"

the young woman cried, "after only two years of marriage, my husband abandoned me and my child unfortunately died of illness."

the man said, "what did you do two years ago?"

the young woman said intently, "I was free and carefree at that time."

did you have a husband and children then?


the man sighed: "you are lucky that fate sent you back to two years ago, and you are free and carefree again."

there is a saying in Caigen Tan:

No matter how short life is, we should live with laughter, enjoy ourselves with laughter, and suffer with laughter.

I have read this report:

every morning, in parks large and small in Japan, many men and women, old and young, can be seen standing together, laughing over and over again. It is said that this is a "laughter morning exercise".

in India, Dr. Madan Cataria has opened more than 150 "laughter clinics" so that everyone who needs to be cured by a smile can learn to be happy.

Hugo once said:

"there is one thing that is more like us than our faces, and that is our expressions;

there is another thing that is more like us than expressions, and that is our smiles."

Look no further than dresses for a beach wedding and radiate your elegant beauty. We have cuts and forms to fit any silhouette.

Zhou Xingchi, a superstar famous for his comedy, said this to the host in an interview in his early years:

"it was very common for me to be beaten and scolded at that time, and it was very common for me to be beaten and scolded. In those years, it's hard to imagine the difficulties I encountered, but I laughed all the way.

I believe in the power of smiling

there is a smile that represents calmness in the face of difficulties, no longer wasting time to change what has happened, no longer doing meaningless striving, but seriously using your energy in the present.

this is not only a kind of kindness to life, but also a kind of respect for life.

you have to believe that this positive attitude towards life can bring you light.


smiling is the simplest Zen

Datong Huayan Temple writes such a couplet:

A hundred years of life is like morning dew, living in the present;  all phenomena in the world are floating clouds, happy to live in the heart.

the Buddha smiled and lived through the sufferings of the world.

A mortal smile can solve all kinds of worries.

just like the familiar saying: "in this world, except for life and death, are all small things."