"after you left, I never wore a couple's costume again."

"after you left, I never wore a couple's costume again."

Welcome to the final.

the feedback I received was much more amazing than I thought.

I admit that I lost.

the next time will be left to the national producers. Choose the best set and the most touching story from the collocation of the following little brother and sister.

remember him, and then pick-pick him in the voting column at the end of the article.

@ handsome enough to go to jail

that day we were wearing the same top and the same green overalls. My shoes were Converse and his were Nike.

at that time, I had some emotional problems, so I thought that if I felt a little more coquettish and felt a little higher, I would not be so sad.

I can always dress in fashion now, but it's a pity that the relationship hasn't come out yet.

the cool thing is that I made my coat and pants myself.

this is my favorite dress. Not only do I like it to fit my body perfectly, but it should be covered up. The important thing is that I have happy memories every time I wear it.

by the way, I went to get a tattoo that night. My parents accompanied me.

even my father, a policeman, didn't think my tattoo was bad. He said it was my hobby, just as he liked smoking, so he always supported my decision.

@ Quella

as James's little fan, I gave myself a pair of Zhan 15 ball shoes with my first salary this year.

@ chat

@ _ Losthing_  the sweater is for lovers with my ex-boyfriend, and he likes this brand very much, so I secretly bought it to make a couple's outfit, and then broke up, and it became a piece of clothing at the bottom of the box.

maybe I finally have the courage to face the past that I don't want to think of.

the black trench coat and plaid skirt were bought by my mother a year after her wedding, and now they are on me.

when I was admitted to college last year, my grandfather said he would give me a gift, so he bought a set of summer clothes that he thought were fashion.

so I wore it on the first day of college, and my grandfather asked me to pose for a picture and show off his proud granddaughter everywhere.


that day was the first time I wore it and the last day of my first part-time job, and two people asked me about Wechat. It feels like the credit of the vest!

I like white shirts before I meet her, but I don't wear them very often because they are always difficult to wash.

later separated, I will still wear it often.

@ violence

@ skin

for me, this suit is my life-saving suit.

therefore, I always feel that it is a symbol of luck.

this is the last street shot taken by my ex-girlfriend.

I like this suit because I wore it the last time my best friend took a picture of me before she went abroad.

I want to tell her that it doesn't matter if I don't have a boyfriend. She's enough.

@ Monster,

freshmen wear it and send off unfamiliar members of the standing Committee;

juniors, wearing it again, said goodbye to my minister. Happy graduation

I remember that when I first bought it as a freshman, I always felt like a salesman. After graduating from my senior year, I suddenly found that my shirt had become a good fit.

but I haven't seen each other since I took off my formal clothes that night.

A bright and eye-catching outfit will make you feel happy and attract the attention of others.

clothes are like the notepad of life, recording every stage of your growth and change, as well as those extremely precious experiences and memories.

as soon as I see it, I remember everything.

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second prize: disorganized T-shirt + fisherman's hat

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