Appearance reveals a person's degree of self-discipline

Appearance reveals a person's degree of self-discipline

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it is often said that whether tea is good or not can be seen by its color and shape.

whether a horse is strong or not depends on his size and manner.

and the same is true of people.

there is an old Chinese saying: each other comes from the heart.

the good and bad of life, the good and evil of the heart, after years of precipitation, can actually be presented from the inside out through the appearance.

your appearance is your best business card.


appearance reveals a person's degree of self-discipline

not long ago, a live video of star Ji Ke Junyi and Li Jiaqi circulated on the Internet.

in the video, she has smiling eyes, shining face, good figure, confident and calm, humorous and full of the air of a mature woman.

even though she is black, she is surprisingly beautiful.

netizens can't help praising: as beautiful as a black pearl.

later, when I learned the details of her life, I had to sigh-- what kind of life, what to look like:

sometimes I am busy at work, even if I only sleep three hours a day, I am very sleepy. Jike Junyi will take off his makeup and apply a mask first.

the average person would have gone straight to sleep with his head back.

she loves delicious food, especially the Youth League, but every time she eats it, after a few days, she will do exercise to burn off calories.

restraint is terrible, always sober and purposeful. In the

program, she has a sentence that impresses me:

"when you are young, you should be beautiful. Well, as I get older and older, I still remain beautiful and insist on fitness and skin care, then this beauty is really beautiful. "

I think so.

the face before the age of 30 is born, and the face after the age of 30 depends on itself.

how is a person's life? self-discipline is not self-disciplined. Sometimes you don't have to ask, just look at his appearance.

there is a friend, Xiaowen, who has long hair and ruddy complexion when he is young, and is the pursuit of many people.

but since getting married and giving birth to children, Xiaowen has been like a different person. Unwittingly, at the age of 35, she has become a "greasy" middle-aged woman, fat, haggard and decadent.

once, when we had afternoon tea and asked why, Xiao Wencai said, "I used to live a self-disciplined life, but in the last five or six years, I indulged myself almost every day."

stay up late, eat junk food casually, yell to lose weight, but it's always hot for three minutes. I excitedly applied for a gym card but only went there a few times, and my sneakers at home have accumulated dust.

the decadent life for a long time left traces on her.

it is said that your face, your body, is your life.

people who live in chaos and out of control will also slowly go downhill, their eyes will gradually lose their mind, and their bodies will lose their silhouette.

people who live a self-disciplined life are different. The sobriety and restraint of

will turn into the firmness in the eyes;

the effort and sweat will turn into the spirit of the face.

the more self-disciplined people are, the more beautiful they are.


appearance reveals a person's experience.

there is a saying on the Internet:

"character is written on the lips, happiness is exposed in the corners of the eyes; standing posture can see talent and demeanor, gait can see self-cognition; there is a recent state of mind in the expression, and the eyebrows are the past years."

Human appearance is a magical thing.

Hello or not, the geometry of your experience can be revealed by your every move, every word, every frown and smile.

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I met a college classmate I haven't seen for a long time the other day.

I remember that when she was in college, her academic performance was average, her appearance was ordinary, she was a small part no matter where she was, and she couldn't be found in the crowd.

every time I see her, she walks a little faster and in a hurry, either going to self-study or reading in the library.

however, now she is completely different, shining, elegant and confident, walking with style, and bringing her own big sister demeanor. Everything about her is telling me that she has been doing well in recent years.

later on, I found out that she first studied abroad, studied, and then started a business in Beijing. Over the past decade or so, she has slept on the floor, looked at other people's eyes, and suffered a lot.

nowadays, the size of the company is getting bigger and bigger, and the company is developing rapidly.

but all the past is not easy, but sharpens a stronger and more confident her, through her appearance, let people see at a glance.

there is a good saying that when you have a state of mind, you are right, and your belly is full of poetry and books.

your experience and wisdom will be condensed into your appearance.

Dong Mingzhu recently went viral with the live broadcast, but it was her face that attracted my attention.

A 65-year-old woman has no fatigue on her face, and she is full of family demeanor.

never wear makeup, almost every day is no makeup to people, but the aura is powerful, that pair of eyes always have light, that face is always so powerful.

Dong Mingzhu joined the post at the age of 36. She grew from a grass-roots salesman to a generation of entrepreneur. She has gone through ups and downs, and all her experiences have been turned into experience and become part of her charm.

the brilliance bestowed on her by those struggling years made her focus wherever she was.

Coco Chanel once said:

"Twenty-year-old faces are born, thirty-year-old faces are carved by life, but fifty-year-old faces are your choice."

people who do nothing, every expression is written about laziness and mourning.Silk lines are the accumulation of grievances in life.

people who have experienced extraordinary experiences have a passion for life in every look in their eyes, and every flash of light is full of wisdom.

appearance reveals a person's past.