Confused (good text in depth)

Confused (good text in depth)

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there are two patients with cancer.

A man has good ears and heard from the doctor's conversation that they have only three months to live.

the other person is hard of hearing, not to mention eavesdropping on the doctor's conversation, even if you talk to him directly, he can't hear you clearly.

strangely, he not only lived for three months, but is still alive and well.

there is a saying: "Life is seldom confused."

there are many things in life. It is better not to know than to know, to care less than to care, and not to be smart than smart.


words do not need to be said

We often say that you should be clear and clear, but sometimes you don't need to speak clearly all the time.

especially when others do something wrong, they don't say enough, don't say too much, and leave people with dignity.

there was a handsome imperial court who liked Su Dongpo's calligraphy very much. He exchanged money and mutton for a piece of paper from Su Dongpo to collect and ponder.

and a man who knew Su Dongpo was very gluttonous. He took the opportunity to write to Su Dongpo in order to cheat Su's handwritten reply, and then took it to Dianshuai in exchange for mutton.

Su Dongpo has always been in the habit of coming and going, and he must write a reply to each document and letter. In this way, I often received letters from this person who had nothing to talk to, and Su Dongpo replied by revising books as usual.

for a long time, Su Dongpo also saw the clue, but he didn't care and laughed it off.

but this man did not know whether to advance or retreat, and repeatedly asked for Su Dongpo's reply. Dongpo said humorously, "spread the word, my officer will be cut off today."

A few words not only solve their own encirclement, but also give each other face.

there are many times when you don't have to say too much in the face of an awkward situation.

everyone knows it, and some meaning can be fully understood if you don't say it completely. There are some reasons that others can fully understand if you don't fully explain them.

Su Dongpo and Zhang Chun were once a pair of friends.

but then Zhang Chun became prime minister, and the two men disagreed with each other in politics, so Zhang Chun did not hesitate to slander Su Dongpo, resulting in his bleak official career, demoted for most of his life and living in poverty.

after Su Dongpo was released, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Chun's son, was afraid that Su Dongpo would come for revenge, so he wrote a letter to Su Dongpo, hoping that he would let bygones be bygones.

but Su Dongpo replied in the letter, but in the past, it was even more beneficial. He also sent some medicine to the seriously ill Zhang Chun in the hope that he could recover soon.

sometimes, we don't talk too much, not because we don't get hurt enough, but because we learn to let others go and ourselves too.

you can do it in one sentence, so why talk too much and get entangled.

it can be done in one sentence, so there is no need to turn over too much and accumulate grudges.


people do not have to expose

there is a story in "heard and recorded".

when Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, served as governor of Liangjiang, his government recruited many celebrities.

there was an old gentleman who wrote an article "saying without emotion" and specially showed it to Zeng Guofan.

the gentleman mentioned in the article: "put me next to a graceful girl and ask me if I am lecherous." I said, 'Don't move'.

place me next to the red and blue roof and ask me if I am attracted to senior officials. I said, 'Don't move'. Even if all the temptations of the world are placed in front of me, I am absolutely unmoved. "

at that time, there was another aide in Zeng Guofan's house named Li Meisheng. He was smart and handsome, and Zeng Guofan appreciated him so much that he allowed him to enter and leave his secret room freely.

on one occasion, when Li Meisheng entered the secret room and looked through the official documents on the case table, he happened to see the "unmoved words" written by the old man.

so he picked up his pen and wrote next to him: "next to Manmiao's eyebrow and red and blue roof, you are not tempted, but you only want to see the atrium."

Li Meisheng wrote a joke, dropped his pen and went out. After seeing off the guests, Zeng Guofan returned to the secret room. when he saw the inscription, he sighed and said, "it must have been written by Mei Sheng."

so he beckoned left and right and asked them to call Li Meisheng. Zeng Guofan pointed to the inscription on "unmoved talk" and asked him, "did you write this?" Li Meisheng did not deny it.

Zeng Guofan lectured him: "this old gentleman may have a false reputation, and what he says may not be consistent with what he actually does. I also know that.

however, it is on these false names that he is able to obtain good food resources.

Today you have to expose him and make him lose his food, clothing and salary. How can his hatred of you be compared to the usual little resentment?

maybe you'll get killed because of it! "

there is a saying: "when the water is clear, there is no fish, and when people observe, there is no apprentice."

some people, if you see through them, you don't have to expose them. Some people, you see through, you don't have to explain them through. Some people, you can see clearly, there is no need to tell them clearly.

sometimes, pretending to be confused is not really confused, it just doesn't make trouble for yourself.

sometimes, pretending that you don't understand doesn't mean you don't understand, just because you don't make trouble for yourself.

sometimes, pretending that you don't understand doesn't really mean you don't understand, it's just that you don't leave trouble for yourself.


you don't have to do everything

there is a saying: "leave a line in life so that we can see each other in the future."

in fact, there are moments when everyone makes mistakes and mistakes. If you take everything seriously, it is not only easy to offend others, but also easy to leave disaster for yourself.

on the contrary, the more you learn to forgive and forgive, you will eventually accumulate unexpected good luck and blessings for yourself.

A minister drank too much and flirted with the beauty in the dark. So the beauty pulled the tassel off with her hand.

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the beauty told King Chuzhuang: "after the candle went out just now, someone flirted with me. I got his tassel off. You quickly order someone to light the lamp and you'll know who it is."

King of Chu Zhuang said with remorse, "I let them drink. It's only natural to be rude after being drunk." He immediately ordered the courtiers to say, "everybody rip off the tassel and get drunk."

when the candle lights up again, no one in this room is wearing a hat belt. In this way, there was no way to investigate the minister whose concubine wanted the king of Chu Zhuang to arrest.

in fact, not everything has to be checked out and found out.

sometimes, in the face of other people's inadvertent mistakes, there is no need to delve into the bottom, let alone distinguish between right and wrong.

muddled handling of things is not stupid or cowardice, but something that is not worth worrying about, so you don't have to worry about it.

three years later, when the State of Jin was at war with the State of Chu, a minister fought courageously to take the lead in all five battles, first defeating the Jin army.

King of Chu Zhuang was surprised and asked the minister, "my virtue is not high enough. I have never attached importance to you. Why are you desperate to die this time?"

the minister said, "I deserve to die for my sin. I was the one who flirted with the beauty at the last banquet. Your magnanimity did not punish my sin, so I must repay you with all my heart."

sometimes, if you let others go, they will know and remember your kindness, and they will return the favor in the future.

therefore, to be confused, not to do everything, not to do it, not to do it, not to