Don't talk when you are angry (incisive)

Don't talk when you are angry (incisive)

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when you are angry, don't talk.

when people are angry,

is often expressed with a temper, and

generally has no kind words.

hurts others as well as themselves.

Don't talk when you are angry.

when you are angry, your temper is as bad as you want to be.

vent your anger hysterically,

emotional collapse say cruel words,

not only can not solve any problems,

will also ignite each other's emotions,

will only escalate the contradiction!

when you are angry, don't talk.

things that can make you angry.

is mostly friction with the people around you.

is either the one you love or the one who loves you.

We lose our temper brazenly,

criticize him without choosing words,

cruel words are like bayonets at each other,

wait until we regret,

scars have been left!

Don't talk when you are angry. How can you think quietly in


all expressions are not intended.

if you misunderstand each other,

anger is unreasonable,

anger is messing around,

at this time,

your image is in the other person's mind,


Don't talk when you're angry.

think about what you want in the end!

angry because the other party made a mistake,

can't say bad words to each other.

this is reasonable and unreasonable.

the other person bows to you when he sees you angry.

may not be sincere, but he still goes his own way after the matter.

in this case, what's the point of being angry except to be angry with yourself?

when you are angry, put up with it.

ask yourself over and over again,

is it what you think it is?

is it so serious that the public has to fight?

people are different.

you feel angry, but

others are confused;

We are so angry that we tremble, but the other person feels innocent.

at this time, you are angry,

the only one who suffers!

when you are angry, be quiet.

find a place where there is no one.

take time to extinguish the anger.

maybe when you let go of your emotions,

you will find

that this is just a piece of cake. What is there to be angry about

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moping for so long,

what a fool!

when angry,

No one can be calm.

it's only natural!

but we can refrain from talking first,

to calm down, sort out our thoughts,

, and then communicate sincerely with each other.

when you do this,

there will be fewer and fewer daily battles, and

your pattern will become bigger and bigger!

when you are angry, keep your mouth shut.

Don't let the impulse leave you with regret for the rest of your life!