Four performances of a man spoiling his wife, even if there is only one, you are married to the right person

Four performances of a man spoiling his wife, even if there is only one, you are married to the right person

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it is often said that love is a kind of illusory thing, which goes deep without knowing where it comes from.

from the uncle's point of view, although everyone treats their feelings differently, it is actually very simple to judge whether there is love or not.

looking down, if he has these performances, you must have married the right person.


the body always clings to you

A person's mouth may lie, but the body won't.

especially for men, sweet words can be pretended, but subconscious actions can not deceive people.

observe more and you will find that if a man doesn't love women, his body movements will always resist:

when watching TV together, he always sits so far away that he wants to turn his whole back to you;

when he goes out for a walk, he always runs so fast that he seems afraid of walking side by side with you.

even the eyes are reluctant to give it to you, always staring at the mobile phone and playing games, and he won't agree to anything you say.


but to love someone is to instinctively want to be close, instinctively want to be intimate, and instinctively want to let you feel his most vigorous love through physical contact.

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because he loves you, he wants to stick to you with his body all the time.

in the entertainment circle, there are two famous loving couples, Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi.

every time he goes out for a walk, Zhang Zhilin holds Yuan's hand tightly. Even if someone is secretly photographing in the back, he is not willing to let go, but will hold it more tightly.

the crowd is crowded and the world is troubled.

he wants to use body language to tell the world who he loves most.

as Zhang Zhilin sang in "interlocking fingers": "hands loose and leave ten inches of space, who believes you care about me."

Yes, if he doesn't even want to touch you, what are you going to believe that he really loves you?

the man who really loves you will give you the most down-to-earth sense of security with physical contact.

even if you carry a heavy object in your left hand, you should free up your right hand to hold you.

even if my chest is numb, I have to sleep and hold you every day.

he engraves all his love in his body's memory, hoping to hold your hand and accompany you through the rest of your life and through the wind and rain.


time is always left for you

people's life is only a few decades, and there is very little time left except work and sleep.

it is true that time is a very precious thing for everyone. But if he doesn't want to waste it on you at all, what's the difference between such feelings and bereavement?

the man who really loves you won't be home all day, won't get back to you every few hours, won't say he's busy on every date, and will spend a lot of time by your side.

the aunts and uncles in the family are the enviable old husband and wife.

Uncle is usually very busy at work, so it is necessary to socialize.

however, after more than 30 years of marriage, he has always adhered to his principle that unless under special circumstances, no matter how busy he is at work, he will be home before 8 o'clock.

nothing else, just because he is reluctant to leave his aunt at home alone.

when sitting together, he will feel very satisfied even if he is just chatting and talking nonsense.

moreover, although the old couple are old now, they always take advantage of the weekend to go out for dinner alone and spend time with each other.

No wonder they are so glued.

the Little Prince says: "it's the time you spend on roses that makes her so important."

indeed, the important thing in a relationship is not only to "fall in love", but also to "stay together".

in the final analysis, what we pursue all our lives is a partner who accompanies us to the end of our lives.

the man who really loves you is reluctant to let you be alone. No matter how busy I am, I will always leave time for you, chat with you from dark to dawn, and go shopping with you until your feet hurt.

because he loves you, he feels that every minute and every second spent on you is worth it.

temper will always let you

No one can guarantee that he will never lose his temper. Especially when two people have been together for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be disagreements, big and small.

and at this time, if he suppresses his temper and is willing to bow to you first, then congratulations, you must have married the right person.

Liu Yun, who became famous in Sister through the Wind and waves, married the famous rock old gun Zheng Jun.

both have a bad temper. Liu Yun is a girl from Xiang, who speaks freely and says whatever she has to say, while Zheng Jun is used to going his own way and is very easily annoyed.

but strangely enough, the two powder kegs are quite harmonious together.

it turns out that Zheng Jun has been recalcitrant since he got married. Whenever there is a dispute, he will give way to Liu Yun.

once, when the two had a quarrel, Liu Yun rushed out of the house with his cell phone in a moment of anger. Zheng Jun followed all the way without saying a word, and finally put down his posture and coaxed: "Today I chased it all out. Let's go back."

in one sentence, a family war is over.

every time Liu Yun has a temper, Zheng Jun always gives in properly, cutting off her long hair and starting to lose weight for her.

that's why I made that promise:

"Liu Yun, you made me realize what a terrible person I used to be, and how willing I am to die for you. So, thank you.Changed me, I will try my best to love you. "

to put it bluntly, in the emotional world, there is always a person who has to be soft first.

one person makes noise, one person laughs, one person quarrels, one person coaxes, so that we can walk for a long time.

the man who lets you do everything is not because he is afraid of losing, nor because he is wrong, but because he cherishes it very much.

he doesn't want to let quarrels become a weapon to criticize each other, let alone see you aggrieved or hurt, so he prefers to bear your anger first and choose to make you happy first.

in his mind, reason is important, but it is more important for you to be happy.

attitude will always respect you

Qian Zhongshu and Yang Jiang are a literary couple who respect each other as guests.

once, Qian Zhongshu was inspired and wanted to write a novel.

but in this way, the problem arises: if he concentrates on writing books behind closed doors, the housework is bound to fall on his wife.

after thinking about it, Qian Zhongshu decided to ask Yang Jiang's consent before he began to write.