I'd like to drink a little.

I'd like to drink a little.

Miss will become gentle because it is within reach.

it's about "thinking".

this is a moments posted by a friend at 11:30 last night.

one o'clock in the morning: "I'd like to have beef hotpot."

eight o'clock in the morning: "I'd like an iced coke."

you shouldn't drink iced cola at eight o'clock in the morning, and it's hard to find fresh and delicious beef hot pot in the early morning.

think about it.

think the word is more or less accompanied by a little powerlessness.

Last year, I was still in a long-distance relationship with her, one in Guangzhou and one in Zhanjiang, more than 400 kilometers away, making it a luxury to meet.

at that stage, I didn't like to say to her that I missed you and so on.

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the only thing that makes people happy is "I miss you too".

but I couldn't help missing her so much one night that she clicked on her Wechat profile picture and said, "shall I see you tomorrow?"

missing this is always the case, even if you don't say it, it affects a lot of people's decisions without knocking.

that's how we ended up working and living in Guangzhou.

maybe it was so sudden that she said blankly, "I'm right here."

actually similar moments have happened several times.

later she also asked me why I said that at that time.

this is probably why people care about each other for a long time and like to hug when they meet again.

Last weekend, she gave a speech at Shenzhen University, and she stayed in Guangzhou. When I woke up in the hotel the next day, I always felt as if I had done something less. then I saw the good night she sent me at two o'clock the night before, and then sent a meme with another sentence: "I miss you so much."

after saying that I miss you, I thought "there was something missing", and even a little nervousness due to the afternoon speech was secretly thrown aside.

but it's within reach.

and more importantly, these inappropriate thoughts become gentle because they are within reach.

after work, I occasionally get anxious and get out of control. At first, I don't know how to face such a moment, but I will become more and more anxious.

there are things you want to do and people you miss waiting for yourself. As long as you know these things, you will feel that life can gradually get better.

because of these thoughts, I suddenly feel that everything in front of me is "well, fine."

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