If you have a rich mouth, you will often have rich offspring.

If you have a rich mouth, you will often have rich offspring.

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Buddha said: "one word, do all the happiness of life."

words are a tool for communication between people. Kind words make people happy and evil words make people resentful.

our mouths are our piggy banks. Only with blessings in our mouths can we save our blessings and treasures.

in life, only when the mouth is rich can the day prosper; in the family, when the mouth is rich, the children and grandchildren will prosper.

mouth, can accumulate blessings and make karma!


mouth is the easiest to make karma.

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if you utter bad words, you will not only hurt your family, but also create bad karma for yourself. in the end, it is yourself who gets hurt.

there is such a story in the Buddhist sutras:

A rich businessman asked his servant to go to the market to buy the best thing.

the servant brought back a tongue.

the rich businessman asked him to buy the worst thing again.

the servant brought back the tongue.

the rich businessman asked him why the best and worst is the tongue.

the servant replied, "tongue, no one can match it in good times, but nothing can be worse in bad times. When good and evil gather together, naturally it is the best and the worst."

language has great power. Being able to speak is a person's greatest skill. A man with a sense of propriety speaks with a sense of propriety. Those who think of others will speak softly.

as we all know, the consequences of bad counterfeiting are tragic. In the family, you should also be careful when speaking to your loved ones. Because often the harm comes from the people we are closest to.

many people think that families don't have to be particular about each other, so they show no mercy, but in fact, if they hurt, there will be cracks in their feelings, and their loved ones will gradually estranged. Therefore, if a person is virtuous, the family can prosper.

speaking gently to relatives is the beginning of a happy family.


the mouth is rich, and the descendants are developed

there is a saying in Dabao Ji Jing:

showing mercy is not only to accumulate blessings for yourself, but also to leave a good relationship for future generations.

for example, it is recorded in an official case:

in the Ming Dynasty, there was a man named Wang Sheng who often spoke ill of others.

when his neighbor's son died early, he scolded the neighbor: "you must have done a lot of evil, which led to bad retribution!"

the neighbors are speechless, grieving and resentful.

soon after, the neighbors saw Wang Sheng's two children accidentally fall into the water. Because of the dispute over words, they did not come to the rescue. By the time Wang Sheng found out that the child had been rescued, it was too late.

Wang Sheng was in constant pain, but the neighbor sneered, "Why, have you created a greater evil?"

it can be seen that what we inadvertently say is easy to make people resentful. To be so outspoken to relatives and friends is to create bad karma and form a bad relationship, and the consequences are unimaginable.

this is just as the Dharma Sutra says: "if you scold others, you will be angry."

Goodall also said:

as long as it is an evil word that will hurt others, even the person who resents you cannot say it, otherwise, even if he does not fight back for a while, the words you say will eventually fall on yourself like echoes in the valley and suffer bad retribution.

so everything you do has cause and effect. If you hurt and resent others, you will form a bad bond and create a bad karma. The evil retribution of this bad karma is near in oneself and far away in future generations.

so the Buddha has always taught us to do: "take good care of oral karma, do not ridicule him."

build a good mouth of wealth with a kind heart of tolerance. Mouth wealth, that is, in the accumulation of good fortune, endless blessings, blessings to future generations, children and grandchildren will naturally prosper.


speaking well is also a good family style.

the generous General Sutra tells us that

words are the door to good fortune and misfortune. If the mouth is mean, the family will suffer; if the mouth is auspicious, the family will be blessed.

there is a "Pygmalion effect" in psychology, which says that

praise of a person has the energy to change a person.

when all this person gets is love words, he will have a positive motivation and try his best to meet each other's expectations.

similarly, when you talk well at home, the energy of the family is positive and the atmosphere is full of happiness.

therefore, Buddhists often say kind words, that is, to let us be kind, to express ourselves in words of love, not only to our own good results, but also to the joy of others.

Master Hongyi once said:

be grateful to your parents, praise your children, and respect your partner.

this is the best family style we can leave to our children!