It is not money or words that test the hearts of the people.

It is not money or words that test the hearts of the people.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A boundless life, the truth is precious; Piaoping passers-by is really rare.

as the saying goes, "if nothing happens, you don't know who is near and who is far away; if you don't have good taste, you don't know who is strong and who is weak."

things in the world can only be known through experience, and people around them can only see the hearts of the people when they have been with each other.

the character is easy to write, but difficult to understand. If you don't go through one thing, you don't know anyone.

people's hearts can only be verified by time.


down, see the truth

people's life, will always meet all kinds of people.

when you stand at the top, there may be countless smiling faces around you.

but if you hit rock bottom, you may see all kinds of ridicule and indifference.

you can know autumn only through falling leaves, and only through adversity can you know your heart:

when you fall, the first person who comes to pick you up must care about you very much;

you are sick, and the person who takes care of you must be very sorry for you;

you are short of money, and the person who borrows money to help you must value you very much.

sometimes people applaud you, not to flatter you, but to flatter your fame and fortune.

if there is no fame and wealth, the compliments will be scattered like a dream.

I walk with you when the sky is clear, but I have a general acquaintance.

the one who holds an umbrella for you when the wind and rain is fluttering is the warmest to rely on.

as the saying goes, it is easier to put the icing on the cake than to send charcoal in the snow. Only when you are down and out, can you see the truth.


time, the most pleasant thing in one's life is nothing but a couple of bosom friends, talking and laughing.

Real gold is easy to get, but hard to find.

some people look simple, but you can't see through them at all;

some people say they are willing to pay for you, but they are unreliable at all.

there may be many people who like you, but not many people really care about you and help you be your friends.


you regard others as bosom friends, maybe they don't take you to heart at all;

you tell others how you feel, maybe he turns around and says it as a joke;

you give others whatever they want, maybe they only think of you when they have no money.

those who seem to be intimate with you and say sweet words to you may not be sincere to you;

those who are quiet and usually quiet are not necessarily cold and heartless.

not every true heart can be exchanged for a true heart. The eyes can only recognize the human face, but time can tell the true heart.


sincerely, the relationship between sincere

people needs sincerity, not careful calculation.

be a man, keep it simple, you don't have to be superficial; do things sincerely, you don't have to be deliberate.

look at whether a person is sincere to you, not what he has or said, but what he does:

it doesn't matter whether he has money or not, but how much he is willing to spend for you.

distance is not important, what matters is whether he has you in his heart.

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in this complex and impermanent world, we do not need to blame self-interested people, but we should cherish those who are duty-bound to be "naive".

people are afraid of being sad, trees are afraid of hurting their roots.

the older you are, the more things happen, and you will find fewer and fewer friends around you, but please believe that those who stay must be people who are really worth inviting into your life.

Don't be afraid to lose, you just have to remember everything and laugh and watch all the fun.