Jing is the cure for everything!

Jing is the cure for everything!

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there is a saying in the Book of Commandments:

A gentleman's journey should be quiet and self-cultivation.

Life is a spiritual practice, and its highest state is to cultivate the mind. The premise of spiritual cultivation is to calm yourself down.

only by calming down can you sort it out clearly and avoid making mistakes;

only by calming down can you see clearly and avoid going the wrong way;

only by calming down can you analyze and face it calmly.

stillness is the summary of everything; stillness is the only way to cultivate the mind; stillness is the cure for life.


before you get angry, calm down, make things small

restless, people restless, will be affected by emotions, lack of correct judgment, when two people have a dispute, it is easy to impulse to do things that you regret.

meditation is the premise of doing everything.

if a person who is angry can calm down for the first time, he must be a person with strong self-control and a big pattern.

it's only a matter of time before everything can pass.

when we have a dispute with others, what we think about is not how to argue with reason, but how to solve the problem calmly.

calm down and communicate patiently. Only with enough meditation can you be rational enough to keep things from getting worse.

in fact, the friction between people is rarely so big that it is life-and-death and can be solved. But sometimes, we are apt to make fatal mistakes on impulse.

between people, don't think about changing others, but practice yourself more.

and peace of mind is the premise of spiritual cultivation. Only by calming down can we better grasp the temper and then grasp life.


in the face of changes, calm down and turn things around

there is a good saying:

Mount Tai collapses in front, but the color remains the same, and the tiger forces behind but does not panic.

people are not born strong, but encounter more and become stronger step by step. Endurance is not inborn, but accumulates little by little.

each of us is running a marathon. Whoever can bear the temper, breathe evenly, keep himself undisturbed by the outside world, and make unswerving efforts, will run to the end.

calm down, no matter what others say, no matter what happens tomorrow, do a good job of today, take every step, only if you are calm enough to face the wind and rain of the future.

Life is the process of tempering ourselves. in the face of unpleasant things and unexpected things, we can calm down, peel off our cocoons, and deal with them patiently.

the first element that can turn things around is static!

even if life does hit rock bottom, don't let yourself feel sorry for yourself and give up, because no matter what attitude you face, the ups and downs will not fade.

Let yourself calm down and take it one step at a time. Your state of mind determines your life!


Jing is the cure for everything

people, life, decades, do not panic, do not panic, what is impatient?

some lost, when lost, can not stay; some leave, when it is time to leave, can not be pulled back.

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Life, no matter how reluctant we are, those who should go will go, and those we should face will still be faced. Don't think too much, just keep the troops in the way and cover up the water.

Wind, there is always a time to stop; bad, there is always a good time.

A lot of things, it won't happen if you don't want to face it. What should come will come, and what we have to do is to constantly temper ourselves, so that we are strong enough to have more courage to face the storms of life!

Don't worry about meddling, it's a good time for the world.

everything will pass, calm down, calmly face others, calmly face life, really face life, your life will be better and better, and everything will go better and better!