Li Meijin: the best family education, father is a role model, mother is the cornerstone

Li Meijin: the best family education, father is a role model, mother is the cornerstone

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what is a good education like?

the answer is unclear. Every parent is trying and groping, struggling to find the answer.

maybe it's a ticket to a famous school, it's an expensive course, or it's because you've seen prosperity.

however, the really good education does not lie in the children.

Professor Li Meijin said: children's roots lie in their parents, and their words and deeds come from the family.

parents' every move will imperceptibly affect the trajectory of their children's life.

lay a good foundation for family education, and the growth of children will be more and more smooth.

and the really good family education is that the father is the role model and the mother is the cornerstone.


the mother's attitude is the cornerstone of the child's life

Professor Li Meijin said that the mother's emotional upbringing is the starting point of the child's life. Before the age of 6, the mother's companionship to the child will benefit the child for a lifetime.

in the early days of life, the mother is the child's first mirror. The interaction between the mother and the child is the way the child feels his own existence.

the mother is peaceful and happy, the child sees himself, lovely, confident and accepted;

the mother is cold and emotional, and the child sees himself, depressed, lonely and denied.

in other words: a mother's attitude towards her child is the way her child interprets the world.

and the child's natural dependence on the mother makes the mother the most important parenting person for the child.

the mother's character, quality, and habits will let the child instinctively follow, and finally carved into the body, affecting the whole life.

writer Mo Yan once said that the most unforgettable is the sad-looking mother who hummed a little song in her mouth while she was working hard.

his mother's strength and optimism gave Mo Yan the courage and self-confidence to laugh at suffering.

A good mother is a safe haven and a warm cornerstone of her child's life.

Children who are not emotionally nourished by their mothers live in loneliness and inferiority all their lives.

Director Jiang Wen talked about his relationship with his mother in "Thirteen invitations" and said in bewilderment, "my relationship with my mother has never been good, and I have always wanted to get along."

in Jiang Wen's memory, his mother has always been unhappy.

when she was admitted to the Chinese opera, his mother coldly dropped the admission notice and asked him to do the laundry.

later, he bought a house for his mother, but his mother never lived there once.

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his mother's unhappiness made Jiang Wen unable to please, but disappointed again and again. The pain of not being accepted made Jiang Wen lose his self-confidence gradually.

the mother is the starting point of the child's life, and the child's desire and dependence on the mother are almost constant.

and the mother's influence on the child also runs through every cell in the child's body.

as a mother, to be the child's Poseidon needle, to give him positive acceptance and company is the best gift to the child.


the father's example is an example for children to move forward

compared with the mother's nature, the father's role is easily ignored.

however, a good family education must be inseparable from the participation of father and mother.

as Professor Li Meijin said: no matter how well a mother takes care of her child, she can't replace the role of a father.

because the mother connects the child's past, but the father is more able to guide the child's future.

some studies have shown that in a child's early development, the degree of father's participation has a close influence on the child's personality formation, cognitive behavior and intimate relationship in adulthood.

it can be said that fathers are role models for their children's behavior. The father's character and way of doing things affect the future quality of his children.

the movie "winning the Championship" was a hit, and Zhu Ting, the captain of the women's volleyball team, paid special attention. Standing above the boiling point, she bears not only glory but also pressure and responsibility.

Zhu Ting's family is poor, and her original intention to play ball is to improve her life. But with that strength in her heart, she clenched her teeth and persisted and created one miracle after another.

Zhu Ting's tenacity comes from the influence of her father.

when Zhu Ting first went to sports school for training, she was not used to it for a time. The hard work of her body and the loneliness of her heart made her cry with her family.

Mother was distressed and shaken, but her father encouraged her to stick to it.

during the time when I was at the municipal sports school, my father would visit her every month and bring her his own steamed bread and pickles.

in this way, inspired by her father, Zhu Ting survived one impossible after another, and finally ushered in an era that belonged to her.

for families, fathers may be under more financial pressure, and it is difficult for them to have time to participate in their children's lives.

however, the effective influence of fathers on their children is not just on the physical level of companionship.

the role of the father itself, the way he deals with problems, and his attitude towards the mother will invisibly affect the character of the child.

psychologist Gerdy says that fathers are a unique being and have a special power in raising children.