No one can make you cycle through a single.

No one can make you cycle through a single.

Love is a kind of reincarnation.

this can be seen from listening to songs.

in those days when there was no smartphone, in order to learn this song, I copied Lin Xi's words into the cover of the Chinese textbook.

after a few weeks of single circulation, when Eason Chan's voice came again along the headphone line, the melody was already a little numb.

it's strange to say that the most common way people describe how much they like a song is:

but it may only be a year or a few months, and it will be a little shorter if it is set to an alarm bell.

is there any way to prolong my favorite?

after getting tired of listening to the original version of Eason Chan, I added a lot of covers to my playlist: female version Mo Yanlin, replica Xiao Jingteng, concert version Stefanie Sun.

this sounds a little unfaithful, but if you think about it from another angle, you will find that many so-called unfaithful love is actually a different kind of single-mindedness.

and there are two most common reasons why people click hearts for a song:

if your love comes from melody, then you may be as keen as I am to find different versions of a song.

even if you put down "your backpack", there is still a "bike" to ride, you can look at the "tourbillon" between the wrists, from "long time no see" to "better not see".

so you can only comfort yourself that you are lucky to like him.


so more and more I understand that people who listen to music at random always feel that they let go of something earlier than I do:

it's a pity that people change and feel like they will.

after constantly meeting and parting, the ears gradually become tired. With the bombing of the Divine Comedy in the streets and the weakness of the successors of a new generation of singers, listening to music has gone from the initial enjoyment to the later insensitivity.

but still too little.

later, when I talked to my colleagues in the office, he seemed to understand what I meant: "whether the song has changed or you have changed, you won't listen to it if you don't like it. There's nothing wrong with it."

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I nodded. At this age, it is really unrealistic to pursue those illusory emotions.

I have always felt that I have changed a lot over the years.

No longer expect to meet a special person in life, nor do you force a single song in the list.

it turns out that love is not only a state, but also a kind of reincarnation.

when the ear was caught by the familiar and unfamiliar melody again, a picture slowly came to my mind.

in this spring that suddenly cools down, after so many years, I suddenly think of the sunshine of that summer.

you can feel it now.

are you watching the song /your backpack