Ten habits of self-management, take a look at them when you are confused

Ten habits of self-management, take a look at them when you are confused

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Man's greatest enemy is often himself.

I didn't quite understand this sentence when I was young, but I didn't realize the meaning of it until I worked for a few years.

A large part of the reason for a person's final mix is self-made, whether it is mediocre or successful, depending on what he does when he is confused.

A lot of people say, I don't know what I'm going to do and how to do it.

then, I suggest you first be yourself, manage yourself, and develop these top ten habits of self-management.


deal with emotions first, and then deal with things

Napoleon said that the man who can control his emotions is greater than the general who can take down a city.

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deal with your emotions before you deal with things.

people tend to regret what they do when they get out of control.

when you encounter unpleasant things at work, don't complain to your colleagues, which will not solve the problem and will lead to more trouble.

Don't have a face-to-face conflict with your boss, because the results tend to make you more miserable.

I'm not asking you to be submissive and lose your temper, but I hope you can weigh the pros and cons and don't magnify the bad things so much that you can't bear it and regret it.

90% of the misfortunes in life are due to your inability to control your emotions, as well as your work and life.


manage your time well, don't waste it wantonly

Liang Shiqiu said that no one does not cherish his life, but few people cherish his time.

the gap between people is widened, which largely depends on how they spend their time.

excellent people are always investing in themselves and accumulating their lives, while those mediocre people are often used to eat, drink and enjoy life.

Please always remember:

the days of youth are not long. If you waste today, you will lose it forever and will never come back.

I suggest you uninstall applications that may waste your time, such as games.

everything is done ten minutes in advance. Don't be "Mr. step" or "Miss just right".


adjust your mindset and always have hope

when people are at a low ebb, they are often accompanied by anxiety and despair, a feeling I have experienced before and believe there will be in the future.

because life is never a straight line, there are always ups and downs and many disappointments.

the secret of life is that the more desperate you are, the more it bullies you; the more optimistic you are, the better it treats you!

We always say that attitude often determines the success or failure of a thing, because if you give up, it's really over.

I like the words of Oscar Wilde: even in the sewer, some people are looking up at the starry sky.


watch your mouth and speak well

Luo Zhenyu said that in the workplace or in contemporary society, the most important ability is the ability to express!

as the saying goes, disease enters through the mouth, and evil comes out from the mouth.

A person's first impression often begins at the moment he opens his mouth.

some people's words make people feel like spring breeze, while some people make people feel unhappy as soon as they open their mouths.

those who can talk tend to have better lives.

I suggest you: watch your mouth, speak less and listen more; think about other people's feelings before you speak.


No procrastination: do things today

many people are used to putting off today's things until tomorrow, feeling anxious about the current predicament, but unable to take action.

what you default today will become a debt in the future, and what you procrastinate will often come to nothing in the end.

advice: make a list of important to-do items for the day every morning, not to strive for it, but to do what you do today and get it done today.

if one day you stop procrastinating, confusion will leave you.


Investment ability, keep competitive

in this era, you can only rely on talent and ability to get out of confusion, which is the most reliable key to break the game.

it's time to step out of your comfort zone.

invest in your abilities, recharge your studies, and keep yourself competitive.

someone asked, "I'm just confused. I don't know what to learn."

learn whatever you are bad at.

if you can't speak, learn to speak; if you are not good at English, learn English; if you don't do a good job and are not efficient, then improve your work skills and find efficient ways.

when you are good enough, the road ahead will be wider and wider.


invest in the body and keep exercising

as you get older, you become more and more aware of the importance of health.

I have always encouraged you to work hard, but at the same time pay attention to your health.

exchanging health for wealth is a very bad deal in the long run.

the savings you have worked so hard for years may have been thrown into the hospital overnight.

if you can't earn money for the time being, then I hope you can at least have a good health.

there is no conflict between hard work and investing in the body, it's just that you don't know how to weigh and arrange.

it is recommended that you set aside an hour for exercise every day and stay up late!


list goals and be a wise man

I find that many good people are clear-cut people who know what they need and what they are doing it for.

have a friend play it.Abandoning the preferential treatment of a big company, he turned to a small company with a mediocre salary because he knew what he needed at this stage.

what he wants is to improve his ability to do things quickly, and small companies have more opportunities.

I hope you can make a list of your goals on a sleepless night, so that big goals can be subdivided into smaller ones.

running in a good direction is often more efficient and meaningful.


Wealth Management, Don't waste money

when you are poor, you need to do a good job in wealth management, every penny has to be calculated, spend your limited money on the edge, don't waste it.

when you have a certain economic base, you also need to do a good job in wealth management and use money to make yourself more valuable.

such as renting a house closer to the company, signing up for an English cram class, buying yourself two sets of social clothes, and buying gifts for your lover and parents.

when your economy is better off, you also need to do a good job in wealth management, so as not to let the money lie there and lose its value.

the more people make use of wealth, the faster they tend to rise!


read a little every day, it has nothing to do with success

finally, I suggest you set aside an hour every day to read.

I know that many people don't like reading and can't read it.

but I still want to tell you: people who read books and those who don't read books are always at two levels.

this has nothing to do with success, but has something to do with temperament, speech, self-cultivation, knowledge and mood.

maybe you don't make much money after reading books all your life, but your heart will be rich and rich.

success is not only measured by money and power, but also by soul.

in the end of life, you may not be so successful, but you should be a person who knows how to work hard, a person with a rich heart, and a happy person.

these ten habits of self-management determine what a person's life will be like in the end!