The edge is deep and many gather, but the edge is shallow and let it go.

The edge is deep and many gather, but the edge is shallow and let it go.

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Song Dandan said: when people grow up and mature and experience more things, they will more and more know how to go with fate.

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everything in the world has its own destiny.

those who belong to themselves will always come; those who do not belong will not be found.


gains and losses, following fate

is not negative, but a relief after efforts; it is wise to sit and watch the clouds rise and wait for the wind and rain.

A person's life, as long as he earnestly lives, gains and losses, everything goes with fate.

there is such a story:

on dog days, the grass of the Zen courtyard is withered and yellow. The little monk said, "sow some grass seeds!" How ugly it is! "

during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Master bought a bag of grass seeds and asked the young monk to sow the seeds. As a result, the autumn wind rose and the grass seeds drifted while they were scattered. The little monk shouted, "No!" A lot of seeds have been blown away. "

after sowing the seeds, a few birds pecked at them. The young monk jumped to his feet in a hurry: "it's killing me!" The seeds were eaten by birds! "

there was a shower in the middle of the night, and the young monk rushed into the meditation room in the morning: "Master!" This is really over! Many grass seeds have been washed away by the rain! "

A week later, many green grass seedlings grew on the originally bare ground. Some corners that had not been sown before were also green.

the little monk clapped his hands with joy.

if you go along with fate, you will be happy to get it and be happy to lose it.

what is lost, fate may have come to an end; coincidental encounters may be as they should be.

A gust of autumn wind blew and turned the pages of the book a few more pages, perhaps to make you review the page.

the fishing rod accidentally turned out may tell you that it's time to go fishing by the river.

Life is more in line with God's will. Every change, every success or failure, is doomed.


come and go

it is said that people will meet 8263563 people in their lifetime, 39778 will say hello, will be familiar with 3619 people, will be close to 275 people, but will eventually be lost in the crowd.

meet because of fate. Some people accompany us through this life, while others leave ahead of schedule. These gatherings and parting are all predestined.

there is a deep and shallow fate, and many people gather in the deep, and the shallow fate goes with him.

maybe follow the guidance of fate in order to meet the right person, whether family, friends, or other …...

once upon a time there was a sad-looking old man who was still unmarried in his seventies, traveling and wandering everywhere, looking for a perfect woman.

someone asked him, "have you never found the perfect woman after traveling and looking for it for so many years?"

the old man said: yes, I have met one, that is the only one, what a perfect woman!

the man asked, "well, why don't you marry her?"

the old man said helplessly: however, she is also looking for a perfect man.

some people look for life, want to find the ideal person, but miss countless predestined people.

this is true of both the old man in the story and the perfect woman.

fate is doomed to everything. Only by following the guidance of fate can you meet the right person.

Life, everything goes with fate.

the people you meet must be cherished; only when you cherish them will you have no regrets.


the fate of the world

"Zhuangzi" says: the heart of a man is like a mirror, do not meet, should not hide, so can win things without hurting.

A wise man's heart is like a mirror. He does not deliberately cater to the things he leaves and to the things in the future. So you can go through everything without getting hurt.

there are many things we can't ask for in the world, and there are many things we can get but not use.

the more people experience, the more painful they are. They neither cherish what they have now, nor can they let go of what they have lost.

A sufferer said to the monk, "I can't let go of some things and some people."

the monk said, "nothing cannot be put down."

he said, "but I just can't let it go."

the monk asked him to hold a teacup and pour hot water into it until the water overflowed.

the sufferer is scalded to release immediately.

the monk said: "there is nothing in this world that cannot be let go. If it hurts, you will naturally let it go."

Master Yancan said:

as the ancients said, sometimes there must be something in life, and don't force it all the time. The reason why people suffer, because they can not let go, can not ask.

but with fate, don't ask about the future; if there is no fate, the flowers will not bloom, and those who are predestined will come.

everything, follow the fate.

fate, do not refuse to come, those who go do not stay.

the edge is deep, multi-aggregate; the edge is shallow, let it go.

even if you don't give up the past, you should let it go; if you follow the fate, you will not be confused, and you can look forward to the future.

everything, follow the fate.