The fate of man is doomed (depth)

The fate of man is doomed (depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in this life,

lives in gain and loss,

survives in gathering and dispersing.

between gains and losses,

there is always helplessness in my mind;

after gathering and dispersing,

there is always loss and tears pour out.

A lot of things,

can't be won by you.

A lot of people,

can't come as soon as you ask.

is yours,

belongs to you after all;


will be separated sooner or later.

Human fate is doomed,

gain and loss, God's arrangement!

some people do not understand,

insist on it, wasting time,

some people are unwilling,

keep pestering, and finally complain in vain.

Smart people,

always know how to be contented,

try to underestimate their gains and losses, and

take a long view as far as possible.

sometimes it is not satisfactory, but it is not distressing.

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sometimes things go against one's wishes.

Don't worry about making yourself pessimistic, and

don't want to upset yourself.

the fate of man is doomed,

who will accompany you for only one journey,

who will accompany you through life,

has long been doomed.

people who pass by wrong,

meet the right people,

go their separate ways with those who are not predestined, and

grow old with those who are predestined.

sometimes you have to have it.

Don't force it all the time.


the more you pursue, the more distant you are.

the more enthusiastic you are, the more indifferent you are.

feelings are not wishful thinking.

you can only be accompanied if you care about each other.

Human fate is doomed,

gain and loss, God's arrangement.

A lifetime, a total of more than 30,000 days,

money, gains and losses come to naught.

Why should you make yourself sad?

Why bother to embarrass each other?

in the past, take a bearish view, and

let go of those who go far.

you have to believe that

everything is the best arrangement,

don't worry too much,

those who go far don't love,

what is left is the best,

is yours, always,

is not yours, beg not to come!