The five blessings of life can be encountered but not sought (good article in depth)

The five blessings of life can be encountered but not sought (good article in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A writer once said, "when you live, you will always find life full of surprises."

in life, there are always unexpected tomorrow and accidents.

some people, should be upset, but still happy; some people, should be happy, but still worry.

Life has a long way to go, there are the following "five blessings", enough to offset the triviality of life, may you have it for the rest of your life!


good luck in life

the Book of Rites once said: "eating men and women, people have a great desire."

eating is not only a major event in life, but also the most basic demand of people.

as the saying goes: food is the most important thing for the people, the country is based on food, and life is never too old to eat.

there is also a folk proverb: people are iron, rice is steel, and they are hungry all day without eating.

in life, no matter what happens, eating is always a major event in life.

if you can eat, you will be healthy and open-minded.

the body is always the capital of the revolution. Only when you are in good health can you have hope and quality in life.

as Emerson said: "A man who loses his health loses everything."

Life is short, such as the morning dew, life comes and goes, it can't carry too many worries and troubles.

only when the heart is open and natural, can you be happy wherever you go.

if you can eat, you will gain weight, and you will gain weight.


good luck in life-sleep soundly

the most comfortable thing in life is to sleep, where to sleep and where to wake up.

some people have made statistics that 1/3 of life is spent sleeping.

Sleep is everyone's physiological instinct, but not everyone can sleep well, pretending to be something in mind, often can't sleep at night.

if a person does not sleep well for a long time and is worried, it can directly affect the state of the person.

some experts have done research: "Walking and sleeping are the best and cost-effective health care."

A good sleep is the tenderness and care given by nature. It is like a cool spray.

wash away all the turbidity in your head.

people's sleep is very important, sleep well, and it is also one of the happiness of life. People who can sleep are often people who enjoy life.

this is not only a kind of health, but also a kind of mentality, but also a kind of hope to look forward to tomorrow.


happiness in life


Life, always thinking about the unfinished things, thinking about the past, being trapped by doing these things, how can you be happy?

Open your mind, no matter how dark it is, there is light; no matter how bright it is, there is also gloom.

if your heart is small, your troubles will follow you like a shadow, but if you have a bigger heart, your troubles will disappear.

people live a lifetime, neither long nor short, but after one day, one day is missing.

if you can't think about it, you can't let it go, so why don't you learn to be bearish?

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if you don't embarrass yourself, you can live a good life.

Life is short and the years are in a hurry. If you can't think about it, you can't worry about it. Only when you can think about it, can you meet the good things.

the past cannot be swung through, and the future will not come.

only when you can be open-minded, let go, and be content can you be happy and happy.


Life is not plain sailing, fall down, get up and move on.

laugh more when things happen, and you will know that people who love to laugh are not bad luck.

laughter is the most beautiful scenery in life, as the saying goes: a hundred diseases start from the heart, and a smile solves a thousand sorrows.

never underestimate the power of laughter, it can break through the clouds, reach to the sky, and resolve sadness.

Life, there is no hurdle that cannot be crossed. Smile, in less than ten years, life will eventually be full of willows and flowers.

Zhou Guoping once said:

with kindness and goodness, smile, life will open the way, life will be happy naturally.