The most advanced display of wealth in a family is to raise educated children.

The most advanced display of wealth in a family is to raise educated children.

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the weather is getting colder, but there is a piece of news that warms people's hearts:

A young couple in Shanghai, with their one-year-old child, are flying to Chengdu.

they were worried that the crying of the baby would disturb the passengers in the same cabin, so they kindly prepared a small gift for the other passengers, along with a warm reminder card:

"I am oops, just one year old. This is the first time my parents have taken me on a plane. They are a little nervous and worried that my crying will disturb you. Here are earplugs and candies. Have a nice trip."

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in fact, when we are away from home, we often encounter parents who are "unreasonable" and ignore their children's behavior of "harassing" others in public, which is even more unapologetic.

do you remember the news last year?

"Chinese bear children kicked neighboring passengers on a plane to Los Angeles, causing parents to fight and alerting FBI, and the family of three were repatriated as soon as they landed."

compared with the warm-hearted couple on the plane, it is not difficult to imagine that the children they raise in the future must be polite and highly educated.

in the documentary Mirror, there is a child's confession:

"I am a mirror and my face shows how loyal I am to my parents, both outwardly and inwardly, how similar I am to them."

arrogant and unreasonable parents cannot raise humble and principled children.

A bottomless doting parent does not expect him to teach a gentle and courteous child.

Home is the child's first school, and parents are the children's first teachers. Children copy their parents' words and deeds as they educate their children.


uneducated parents

can't raise children who know how to behave

Last month, a video of # tourists from Beijing Zoo gathering to feed wolves and grazing grass caused a heated discussion.

some parents ignore the "no feeding" rule and fill the wolf house with weeds, branches, ice cream sticks and even hanging noodles through barbed wire mesh.

after being discouraged by other tourists, parents responded by saying, "have you given sulfuric acid or pills?" You look like you don't take it seriously.

so the child followed suit, desperately stuffing branches to the wolf to eat.

after the video was released, they were severely condemned by netizens and blacklisted by Beijing Zoo.

the child is a "blank piece of paper", and the parents are the people holding the paintbrush. What the child will eventually become depends on how the parents "start to write".

"there is an adult bear behind a bear child" said: "good habits may not be handed down from generation to generation, but bad habits must be inherited." Bear children bear precisely because there are adults in front of the bear to set an example. "

parents' words and behaviors, children see in the eyes, learn from the bottom of their hearts, but also imitate the appearance of their parents, to do a thing that they think is incomparably right.

as netizens teased, one day the child asked his mother, Why can't we go to the zoo?

Mom can only answer: "because my mother has no literacy".

there is no good baby born with courtesy, righteousness and shame, and there is no bear child who is born to misbehave.

parents' training and upbringing of their children are hidden in their parents' words and deeds.

the child looks at the adult to talk, the child learns the adult style to grow up, no matter good or bad, the child will accept everything.

someone once asked me, what are you most afraid of raising children?

I replied: I am most afraid of being uneducated.

Zhihu respondent @ triple hydrogen dioxin once shared such a story:

the bear children of relatives are 1.4 meters tall and weigh more than 120 jin (comparable to adult women). The bear child unexpectedly tried to push the pregnant woman down, but fortunately, the Lord hurriedly held the pregnant woman on the opposite side, which did not create a tragedy.

and when the respondent asked the bear why he did it, the bear ate a snack and slowly replied, "I watch a pregnant woman fall and have a miscarriage. I just want to see if she will have a miscarriage if she is knocked down."

the respondent was so angry that he picked up the rolling pin and taught the bear a good lesson.

whatever the reason, it cannot be an excuse to hurt others, nor is it curiosity and exploration, but ill-bred, ignorant and vicious.

what is even more surprising is that the parents of the bear child also complained: "the child's back is swollen and his knee is blue."

the implication is that when everything happens, there is no need to punish the child, so there is no need to hurt both sides.

the parent is the "original" and the child is the "photocopy". If the copied information is wrong, the original must be wrong.

steal needles when you are young, and steal gold when you are old. Fat people don't eat in one breath, and bear children don't grow up in a day.

A child has been broken since childhood, touching the bottom line of social morality and law, frantically testing and showing off on its edge, and will surely suffer the consequences one day in the future.


the lack of upbringing in children

will sooner or later take revenge on their parents

A few days ago, a little girl kept kicking her mother's waist in the subway station with a ferocious expression, as if she had some deep hatred.

according to eyewitnesses, it turned out that it was just the mother who didn't know the station and got on the wrong bus, but the child was so ruthless.

the passers-by could not bear to watch and tried to stop it. Instead, the girl punched and kicked the passers-by.

and the attitude of the mother after getting on the bus is even more startling. Not only did she not educate the child, but she was also comforting the girl that it was all right. Don't be angry.

famous mouth BaiyanSong Nu commented:

"if we are not physically become parents, we are naturally qualified parents, and parents are big businesses that need lifelong learning."

in the process of children's growth, parents bear at least 51% of the responsibility. Don't always blame others, change yourself first, otherwise there will be more and more bear children. "

the moment I saw the girl kicking her mother, she seemed to see every moment when she grew up:

the first time she cried, the first time she insulted her elders, the first time she was rude, and for the first time she was rude to others.

when every "first time" happened, her parents never stopped her or taught her, so she developed a bad habit of "beating and scolding her mother" every time.

parents who are kneeling cannot raise a standing child.

misplaced parent-child relationships and wrong ways of education nourish children who are spurned by arrogance.

as netizens said: "uneducated children will not be any better in the future."

upbringing is not only a person's business card for making friends, but also the foundation of a person's life.

when he was 5 years old, the bear child accidentally broke someone's lipstick. You told the other person, "Don't be offended when he is still young";

when he was 10 years old, the bear child bullied the children in public and scratched people's faces. as a result, he was severely taught by the parents of the other party, and you blamed him for being cruel and bullying the small.

at the age of 16, the bear child was arrested by the Public Security Bureau for a pair of sneakers to steal from you. You told the police, "he is still young, not sensible, and forgot to pay";

when he was 23 years old, the bear child became a bear who stepped into society, no one wanted to get along with him, the workplace was not smooth, and everyone hated him.


at this time, parents suddenly realized that

they should not care when they should, and they would have spoiled their children by raising them blindly when they should not.

and the child's growth is an one-way ticket with no return, and those educational moments you miss have long since disappeared and cannot be repeated.


the cultivation of parents

determines the upbringing of children

in the book GE Voice: we do not talk about Truth, the scholar Guo Hongti mentioned:

"the essence of children's education is not knowledge education, not science education, not professional education, but an education in which life comes to the world and how to take root in this world."

in today's society, it is not enough to talk about family background and excellent grades. The upbringing of soft power is the core competitiveness of children rooted in society.

Children are educated, which is the comprehensive embodiment of their EQ and IQ, the internalization and externalization of their character and living habits, but also comes from the family and learns from their parents' words and deeds.

because parents are the closest to their children and are the first ones for their children to emulate.

on the subway, the child fell asleep, and the mother was worried that the child's foot would kick the passenger next to her and held it with her hand all the time.