The most advanced way to deal with an accident

The most advanced way to deal with an accident

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see someone ask: "what best reflects a person's level?"

someone replied, "it depends on how he reacts when something happens."

it is true that there are many things in life that do not follow our hearts, but we have to face them and solve them eventually.

those with a high level often know how to solve problems in a variety of ways.

how can I become such a person?

I think there are several high-level ways to deal with things. I hope we can all use them freely.

in case of trouble, can you stabilize

is there such a person around you?

I accidentally bumped into someone else when I was walking, and I swore immediately.

A little friction at work, his face immediately sank, and he spoke strangely.

whenever you encounter trouble in your life, you blow your beard, stare and spread negative emotions.

A little thing can make him anxious and angry, and his mood is not stable at all.

I used to have such a friend.

one year on National Day, we went on a trip together, but we didn't get tickets and tickets, so we had to take a bus.

the highway was jammed as expected on National Day holiday.

the original 3-hour drive took a full 6 hours.

friend A has been restless: "how long does this have to be blocked?"

"I was going to play for three days, but the first day was wasted here."

along the way, he never stopped complaining, which put several of us in a bad mood.

suddenly, friend B cut in:

"the most important thing to come out to play is to have fun. Since this is the case, you might as well take a look at the surrounding scenery. It's so beautiful."

A comparison between two people will determine the level of dealing with the problem.

there are many things in life that we can't control, and one of the best ways to solve problems is to stabilize ourselves.

there is a good saying: "Mount Tai falls in front but its color remains the same, while Milu deer thrive on the left but do not blink."

big things or small things, hold on, and you win.

when something happens, you will adapt two sentences that you often hear:

"Don't hit the wall, don't look back."

"one way, go to the black."

this persistence is admirable, but sometimes too persistent and inflexible can harm yourself.

A few days ago, I watched the news of the death of a graduate student from Dalian University of Technology, and my heart was very heavy.

the child posted a suicide note on Weibo, counting his pain and struggle in the process of scientific research.

all this finally crushed him.

at the end of the suicide note, he said that he hoped that his family and friends would be smooth and prosperous and the motherland would prosper.

what a gentle child, at the best age, with a brighter future than most people, but died in this way.

in the final analysis, a person's life is a process of change.

you can't do scientific research, you can't do business, you can't do business, you can't write articles.

there are many places in the world, one of which belongs to you, as long as you have to change and you have to find it.

I remember Lin Yutang once said, "it is better to give up wisely than to cling to it blindly."

this reminds me of a person, Zhou Jie.

call him "Erkang". You must know who it is.

Zhou Jie is well known by the audience for his role as Erkang in "returning the Pearl", but it is a pity that it is a flash in the pan.

because his character is too upright, the road to acting has once come to a dead end.

at that time, he was covered with negative labels, such as "Kiss Lin Xinru", "beat the security guard angrily", "hit and run"....

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in the face of rumors, he was in no hurry to explain, but gradually faded out of show business to prove his innocence.

unexpectedly, I ended my acting career for half my life, but ushered in my own pastoral pastoral song.

he returned to the countryside, contracted land and produced organic rice.

followed by the creation of a red wine brand, messing with works of art in his spare time.

although he has disappeared from the public view, he has become successful in his own field.

in just a few years, the price has increased several times.

just a few days ago, he suddenly posted a Weibo message about why he had dropped out of show business.

he said: "knowing that EQ is not high, I don't know how to face the rivers and lakes, so showing people in their true face has been ridiculed and despised a lot, but I accept it."