The taste of life! (classic good article)

The taste of life! (classic good article)

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writer Lin Qingxuan once described life in this way:

if life is a banquet, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty are all kinds of tastes in life.

since it can't be all sweetness, it's hard to avoid tasting other flavors, so just eat it happily! "

I am deeply convinced that life is full of flavors, and without any one, it will lose its true meaning. Different stages of life have different missions, different tastes and different philosophies.

how far a person can go depends on his state of mind and wisdom at different ages and in different circumstances.


when he is young, he is sour when he tastes green fruit for the first time.

once read such a sentence:

"teenagers have always been ignorant of heaven and earth, and they are conceited and talented everywhere. Although they are pretentious and flirtatious, they are frank and carefree."

A teenager is the best age, just like an unripe fruit, which is sour and astringent after a bite, which is subtle and complicated. Sour, with sour sadness, is as ignorant and pure as young love.

in the movie you deskmate, the naughty Lin Yi fell in love with the gentle and quiet transfer student Zhou Xiaozhi. He told her: "one day, I will take you to a place where there are only the two of us."

Lin Yi finally got a visa in order to study abroad with Zhou Xiaozhi, but Zhou Xiaozhi was unable to go abroad for various reasons. The distance made her lose confidence in this relationship. Lin, who lives alone in a foreign country, received Zhou Xiaozhi's wedding invitation:

Young love is often wrapped in childish promises, and we always think that meeting is a lifetime.

but there are too many forks in life, and time will not stop for anyone. The sour and astringent love can only be sealed in the deepest part of my heart.

the aftertaste is long, fermenting with the years, just as it is said in the film:


Youth is passionately spicy when colliding with ideals

some people say:

spicy is the taste that young people love, fresh, exciting, addictive, and endless aftertaste. Just like youth, enthusiasm, dryness, valiant, full of infinite ideals and hopes.

in the TV series "Twenty No doubts", Jiang Xiaoguo, who has just entered the workplace, plays a fierce girl who dares to do and dare to fight.

in her first job, she found that the male leader was having an affair and tore up the "scum man", even at the expense of her job.

when she caught a glimpse of the "creepy man" secretly taking pictures of the girl on the bus, she stepped forward and scared him away and saved the girl.

the interview was rejected, and she bravely went to "intercept" the boss. After repeated attempts, she used this persistence to get the internship qualification.

the time of youth is always warm-blooded, there is always a novel vision to look at the world, even if hit against the wall of reality, but also fearless.

as Mr. Jiang Xun said:

from campus to society, from youth to maturity, this is the only way for people to grow up, and it is also the stage to redefine life.

some people say that spicy is not a sense of taste, but essentially a sense of pain, similar to the nerve conduction of pain.

Youth is not only a kind of pain, but also the stubbornness of not hitting the south wall and not looking back, but also the courage to die a long way and never give up.

Youth that can withstand beating can withstand the baptism of life.


the prime of life is a heavy pain when shouldering responsibility

I have seen such a picture on the Internet, and I have a deep feeling.

A takeout boy, holding his three-year-old daughter in his left hand and takeout in his right hand, walked slowly in the heavy rain.

A few years ago, when he came to work in the city, his right hand was crippled by the machine, and his middle finger could no longer be straightened, leaving a deep scar on his index finger.

shortly after his daughter was born, his wife ran away from home. Because of the disability of her right hand, many jobs could not be done and the children were left unattended, so he began to deliver takeout with his children on an electric bike.

remembering that Yu Qiuyu lamented that "it is not easy to be in charge", he then said:

"you have become an indispensable point in the network of social structures, so you have tasted the real isolation and helplessness in your life. unprecedented fragility and unprecedented strength."

this is the bitterness of people in their prime, with the care of the elderly, the support of children, and the resistance to a lot of pressure and grievances at work. The burden of life is flooding in, forcing you to change from an unworldly teenager to an omnipotent adult.

I used to think that bitterness was the most terrible taste. When I was a child, the medicinal soup was bitter, the balsam pear I didn't like was bitter, and learning was also bitter.

it was only later that I gradually realized the benefits of "bitterness". This is true of food, and so is life.

there is a strong emotion in suffering, which makes you re-examine the responsibility on your shoulders and the road under your feet.

suffering gives birth to the power of thin hair, which allows you to grow up through experience and have the ability to protect the people you want to protect.

Chekov said a sentence I like very much:

if the bitterness of life cannot be avoided, forge it with sweat and hope.

one day, when the bitterness becomes sweet, you will have the courage to laugh at the difficulties of life.


Middle age

therefore, the turning point in life often begins here. "

people reach middle age, half slope of life, after the pickling of society, the precipitation of years, the heart becomes more peaceful and strong.

Middle age is heavily salty, children grow up, parents grow old, and life tends to be stable.But also a little bit more emotion.

this taste is examined in detail, as Mr. Zong baihua said:

it reminds me of the legendary life of the famous literati Liang Shiqiu. In his youth, he had a fierce heart, and the debate with Mr. Lu Xun has always put him at the forefront of the literary world.

in his middle age, he lived in the "elegant house", devoted himself to writing, and created the literary phenomenon of the "elegant house sketch".

in his writings, everything in the world has charm, and the trivialities of life are interesting.

go to book stalls, visit Changdian, fly kites and shake diabolos, free and unrestrained. He once said:

Liang's calm and open-minded is precisely the state of mind and wisdom that people need most when they reach middle age. Salty is the philosophy of mature life, more is too tasteless, less tasteless, moderate salty is the highest state of dishes, but also the best state of life.

when people reach middle age and have ups and downs in half their lives, they no longer have to embarrass themselves, put down what they should put down and hold on to what they have in their hands.

enjoy the pleasures of life at an age when you can live, understand and live.


Old age is a return to Gan after ups and downs

Zhou Guoping once said:

in old age, it is like a horse that travels thousands of miles a day, finally accomplishing a certain task and mission, eliminating the need for struggle, trek, and ups and downs. Those vicissitudes, ups and downs and thorns, finally into the bitterness of the sweet, turned into the faint sweetness of the old age.

the documentary "Flavor World" once described "sweet" as "sweet":

"Sweet, which starts in the lips and teeth, stirs up the wind and water in the tongue, but it turns around in my heart.

all the courage, strength, long letters, joys and sorrows, ups and downs-end in thousands of tastes. "

Zhou Youguang, a linguist known as the father of Hanyu Pinyin, is 112 years old and can be called the oldest cultural old man. Old Zhou's life can be described as rich:

before the age of 50, he was a banker and devoted himself to the economy;

after the age of 50, at the age of "knowing destiny", he stepped into liberal arts linguistics;

82 he continued to write, began to learn to use computers, and published more than a dozen books after the age of 100.

Zhou's health classics are very simple: regular work and rest, light food, and a happy mood.

faced with the problem of age, he said with a smile:

all say that the elderly is a "history book". When people reach old age, they should, as Mr. Lin Yutang said,

"We must adjust our way of life so that the golden age is hidden in old age, not in youth and innocence."

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all one's life is to experience the taste of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty.

Acid is green and astringent, sweet is contentment and happiness, bitter is hardship and sharpening, spicy is enthusiasm and conflict, salty is harvest and aftertaste.

when life comes with all kinds of tastes, whether it's surprise or embarrassment, you have to take it seriously with an ordinary heart.

in every age group, you can reconcile and dissolve all kinds of tastes of life, be at peace with yourself, and find the truth and clearness of life.

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