Untrusted northeasterners.

Untrusted northeasterners.

"I'll tell you the truth."

after leaving the Northeast, I seldom hear people repeatedly emphasize that they are telling the truth before they speak.

people in the Northeast are far more enthusiastic about this than you think.

for example, "Erbai" in Liaoyuan area means "my son deceives you". My roommate next door to college adds it every time he talks to me.

but these are definitely not as frequent as those used by northeastern people.

the reality is that people in the Northeast have long been labeled as bragging, and we are really not very confident.

it is not my self-deprecation and self-blackness as a native of Northeast China. Of course I love my hometown.

when did the misfortune begin?

it should have been more than 20 years ago, in the northeast of the country, which depended on the industrial economy in the 1950s, but in the late 1990s, it had to fall because of the inevitability and regularity of history.

A large number of families who only work in factories have lost their financial resources overnight, and the neighbors who lived in the factory house together more than once borrowed rice from my family more than once.

is a group of workers lazily gathered together shrouded in gray tones, then called to a meeting by the monitor and informed that today is the last day of work.

once people lose confidence in life, how can they live with confidence?

go back to two years ago, when the Liaoning basketball team won the championship in 2018, I watched the live broadcast in front of the computer, and a banner of "energetic Shenyang" crossed in front of the camera.

the burden that fell on the people of the Northeast 20 years ago was not relieved in that year.

the reason why someone asked this sentence is that in the same year, the Northeast was exposed one after another to rely on relations to make profits, including the well-known "Northeast Snow Township slaughtering incident."

population outflow continues to lead the country, and a few northeasterners in other provinces are frequently famous on the Internet because of vicious events.

even looking back at the 2016 article "A village in Northeast China with a worsening illness", it has already begun to smear the road to the Northeast.


at that time, on social occasions, people would pretend to ask jokingly: do you really like to brag when you drink too much after labeling me as "can drink" because I am from the Northeast?

in such a situation, the less confident some northeasterners are, the more they want others to believe in themselves.

and some northeastern people, for the same reason, begin to frequently use prefixes that emphasize that they are telling the truth, just like the "er Bai" at the beginning.

the term "Northeast Renaissance" was born for these people.

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I know the situation of the Northeast, but I still love him, neither deep nor frivolous.

as an ordinary northeastern person like me, I don't just want to make my hometown develop in a better direction.

even if they watch a tall building rise in the northeast and watch it collapse, don't pick up a brick and throw it at it.

author /Dafu

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