When one reaches middle age, one learns to hold an umbrella for himself.

When one reaches middle age, one learns to hold an umbrella for himself.

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some time ago, something happened at home, and I tried not to tell anyone.

A friend who hasn't been in touch for a long time, somehow got the news, called late at night.

the two chattered about for half an hour, but he paused and wanted to ask, but I didn't know where to start.

finally he put down the sentence:

my eyes were hot, but my mouth still said:

hung up the phone, I sighed for a long time.

for a moment, I wanted to talk about my life in chaos.

the old man was ill and went to the hospital, but no one answered the child. It just so happened that several projects in my hand were due again.

during that time, I traveled between hospital and school every day, while arranging food and clothing for my family.

the solution can not be left behind, but can only use all available space to turn on the computer, staring at whether the potion bottle should be changed, while pinching the time waiting to pick up the child.

there is no skill for separation, and there are no tears if you want to cry.

but at least I made it.

after all, the collapse of middle-aged people has its own principles.

Don't cause trouble to others, nor can you turn your sadness into something for others to talk about.

No matter how earth-shaking the injury is, it is just dust brushed away by others.

Human joys and sorrows are not the same, and there is no empathy in the world.


I have seen such a story.

pigs, sheep and cows are all kept in the same corral.

one day, the pig was caught by its owner, and it howled at the top of his voice.

Sheep and dairy cows disagree:

Pig says sadly:

at first it sounds funny, but the fine taste feels sad.

in the final analysis, this world is the individual snow, each has its own obscure and bright.

after seeing too much human feelings, I know that there are some things I don't have to say, and some grievances have to be swallowed by myself.

in the movie two Tigers, Fan Zhigang, played by Fan Wei, is Zhang Chenggong's comrade-in-arms who takes good care of Zhang Chenggong in the cooking class.

at first, Zhang Chenggong was very grateful and calculated that when the two left the army, they would open a small restaurant.

but Zhang Chenggong forgot his old friend long ago when he went from 10,000 to 100,000 and from 100,000 to 1 million.

when Fan Zhigang needed 5000 yuan for surgery, Zhang Chenggong refused him for fear that he could not afford it.

finally, Fan Zhigang went blind due to the compression of the optic nerve by the remaining shrapnel in the skull.

then, when Zhang Chenggong offered to invest in and expand Fan Zhigang's massage parlor, Fan Zhigang refused and returned to him faintly:

after many years, old friends met, and the friendship of the early years came to such an end. it's hard to help saddening.

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but when you think about it, it is inevitable.

Feng Jicai has a good saying:

"some people are willing to lend you their umbrella on a sunny day." When it rained, he left quietly with an umbrella.

you must not blame him. Because he himself does not want to be caught in the rain, nor is he willing to share other people's difficulties, what can you say?

you'd better always keep an umbrella for yourself. "

makes sense.

when people are in trouble, they will inevitably think that someone can give them a hand, and only after suffering can they understand that

it is always the person who grits his teeth and insists that he can finally get out of the mud.

Life is the only way to cross the sea.


I have seen such a picture in Weibo.

the sudden torrential rain, the crowd of birds and animals dispersed in the street, and in the boundless rain and fog, the fruit vendors had to curl up under the trolley to hide from the rain.

there is a heart-stirring comment on Weibo:

A friend of mine, originally a middle level of a company, lost her job at the age of 35 this year because the epidemic unit laid off staff.

High mortgage, children's tuition, daily expenses.

the originally calm life suddenly opened its mouth to her.

during that time, she couldn't sleep all night for fear of scaring the children, so she had to get up in the middle of the night and hide in the toilet and weep silently.

after crying, she made a resume and sent it to different companies. During the period of waiting for the notice, she sold milk tea part-time during the day and went to the gate of the mall to act as a doll and hand out leaflets at night.

I don't see the slightest complaint from her for working so hard. To tell you the truth, I admire her.

she smiled calmly: "otherwise?" No matter how hard it is, you still have to live. "

see her again, she has joined the new company.

she brought her parents to her side and said that when the economy was better, she would buy her parents a small house for their old age.

Wind and rain is the norm, but hardship is life.

there is a good line in "Silver Soul":

"people don't live fair and square all the time. They want to raise their heads and move forward, but they don't know when they will be covered in mud."

but if you can keep going even then, the mud will dry and fall one day. "

Life has ups and downs, so it's hard to avoid hardship and fragility, as long as you keep going.

the true courage of adults is not to have grief and indignation over reality, but to learn from grass to blossom even if it is as low as dust.

when the wind and rain comes, hold the umbrella for yourself and build eaves for your family.

this is the greatest decency of a middle-aged man.


in ancient Greek mythology, there is a Sphinx mystery.

the Sphinx is a SphinxFace monster, whenever someone passes by, it will ask:

the answer must be known to everyone.

from infancy to adulthood to twilight years, this riddle lasts a person's whole life.

however, as I get older, I find that it has another implication:

A person's life is a process from crawling, walking, to supporting himself.

No matter when and where you are, no one can go through it all for you.

the true maturity is to learn to hold an umbrella for yourself in a difficult life;

in the bitter sea of the world, build a raft and be your own down-to-earth ferryman.

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