Why can't you get rid of procrastination?

Why can't you get rid of procrastination?

When are you going to wait?

nearly a month ago, punk excitedly came to tell me that "your name" was about to be released, and he wanted to see it with the girl he loved.

but as soon as he finished speaking, he fell into distress again, saying that his current hairstyle was too ugly, for fear of affecting the other party's good feelings towards him, so he decided to change his hairstyle and make another appointment.

I said, "OK, wait for the good news." Then he took out his membership card and lent it to him.

Today, a month later, when I went to his dormitory to get my card back, I casually asked, "how do you like your name?"

"No." Punk Ge You, who was lying in the chair, came back to me, his hair and clothes were still so stiff.

"I originally wanted to wait until I bought new clothes before getting a haircut, so that the barber could know more about the new hairstyle I wanted, but I didn't take out my living expenses, so I was afraid that I would have to eat dirt a few days ahead of time, so I didn't buy new clothes for the time being. I didn't expect that she went to see that movie with other boys first."

I was about to say something when punk added, "Oh, I can't help it. I can't help it."

this is not the first time punk has talked about procrastination, and I don't bother to talk about him again.

later, the girl that punk liked really looked at "your name" with her. "the boys are together. However, punk did not give up his procrastination, but became more and more serious, using it as a shield against all criticism.

once, punk asked me out for a drink. We walked on the school road, with trees on both sides and trails in the middle of the trees, which is the best place for campus couples to date. Punk looked at the stone table on the left and said to me, "the last time I asked her out, I kept her waiting here for almost 20 minutes."

I smiled and said, "well, usually you can put it off for 45 minutes."

"before that time, I procrastinated because I thought procrastination had no effect on the result. I am procrastinating because I no longer expect any good results. "

because there is no result, punk always does not pursue "new ideas"; his life without "new ideas" makes him gradually lose his expectations for many things.

in the end, he had to break the jar and cover it up with procrastination.


A few days ago, a reader asked me: "how to get rid of procrastination?" At that time, I couldn't answer, so I had no choice but to reply to her, "I really want to know the answer."

because my output and quality of writing are not high throughout December, at first I simply blamed it on procrastination, but then I found out that not all procrastination causes are the same.

just like every time I write a tweet these days, I always stare at a blank word document and can't write. Either I think the story I conceived is too corny, or I think the point expressed is too old.

in short, as long as I have a new idea, as long as it doesn't look perfect to me, a voice from the bottom of my heart will come up and tell me, "Don't write like that, no one will read it." and then spent an afternoon in self-criticism, only to find that nothing could be typed out in the end.

I obviously don't want to procrastinate and look forward to a good result, but in fact I always get stuck in the swamp of procrastination.

after holding back for many days, I finally called the thorns and told him my troubles.

he said to me, "it's good to care about the result, but it shouldn't be before you write." No article is perfect as soon as it is written, and only when it is written down first, whether it is good or bad, can it be perfect. "

after hanging up the phone, I forced myself to type on the keyboard, and it was not until my fingers and brain warmed up that I seemed to have regained a little sense of the correct way to open my writing.

this makes me find that morbid "perfectionism" like this can be found everywhere in life, and it also leads to procrastination in other people.

just like in my recent final assignment, I put forward dozens of plans, but I was always refuted. They always thought that my innovation was too wild, afraid it would affect the score of the final group, and their proposal was too old-fashioned, nothing new, and had been arguing all the time. As a result, when deadline approached, none of them had begun to be implemented.

this "perfectionism" is called morbid because it makes people think about "perfection" before "start" rather than after "finish". It is essentially a fear of failure, and the more important something is in your mind, the stronger the fear will be.

I suddenly realized that, contrary to punk's type of procrastination, such procrastination is often triggered by a morbid "perfectionism".

this is not indifferent or unexpected. it is precisely because we care too much about the results that we are afraid to look for "new ideas" in inherent things, which leads to another kind of procrastination.


No matter what kind of procrastination it is, the lack of "new ideas" has become their inducement.

in my opinion, "new ideas" is not only something that can refresh people's eyes, but also a motivation for people to become better.

just like my roommate Lao Bao, he was named "the fattest in the second building" with a weight of 198 jin when he was a freshman, and now he has successfully become a 150-jin teenager like the wind.

the "new idea" in Lao Bao's eyes is to take off his shirt every morning, take a selfie in front of the mirror, and then stand on the scale and take the numbers to make a constantly changing gif.

the production process of this gif has become the biggest driving force for Lao Bao to lose weight, and his amount of exercise increases as the number of frames increases page by page.He is getting bigger and bigger, completely different from the old bag who nibbled on the drumstick and said, "only when you are full do you have the strength to lose weight."

this incident made me find that the motivation to make people better is not the dreams mentioned in chicken soup, but the "new ideas" in life.

only being good at discovering and finding "new ideas" and making the immutable gray life colorful is the fundamental way to get rid of procrastination.

just like the gif of the old bag, this "new idea" is hidden in every fresh bit of life.

"Wild" illustrator Mukoushan, using wild pictures and Surface, made his own New year's computer wallpaper, which let the inspiration blossom in the moment of startup.

her "new ideas" always come from the "new ideas" of Surface. She calls Surface her wild drawing board. As long as she is connected to the touch screen, she can paint with the real brush strokes in Surface pen, and can put it down, hold it up, change it into a flat plate, and even draw in a creative posture.

and the global travel photographer Lao Wei also traveled to more than 50 countries to look for her "new ideas". She spent the Spring Festival in Stockholm, looked for stories in Afghanistan, and took numerous interesting pictures. even put the Nordic "home of ice and snow" into the New year travel kit.

and all the "new ideas" she found are saved on her magazine-like portable Surface, which is used to post blog posts and share the "new ideas" with the world.


2017 is coming to an end, and I think at the end of the year, everyone should change and greet 2016 better by themselves.

from now on, find your own "new ideas" around you, say goodbye to your procrastination, make the bad things better and make the good things better.

such as starting to learn a new skill, whether it's musical instruments, language, or even cooking; buying a ticket to a strange city to escape from a place that is nothing new to you; or cleaning up your shopping cart and putting on new clothes for yourself.

or you can click to read the original text and ask Surface to "bring something new home" with you, make progress with you, get rid of your procrastination, embrace a more innovative life and become a better self.